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Date: 02.09.22

About This Prize Draw:  This is a commercial non-gambling competitive prize draw website and is not a raffle or lottery of any description. It is a competition based prize draw for profit with one of its’ objectives being to raise money in support of the sponsored charities as detailed on the website. The website facilitates a no renumeration entry option to the competitive prize draw i.e., no payment is necessary to enter the competitive based prize draw which is to win the promoted incentive. Each entry will have the same opportunity of being the successful winning entry. Please read the Incentive Competitive Prize Draw Rules and the associated User Terms & Conditions before participating and you must be 18 years of age or over.

  1. The Agent / Promotor:  Is managing  LOTCHA Limited and LOTCHA’s Prize Draws
  2. Entry Timetable: The Prize Draws will be subject to an Online entry period and a separate Postal entry period with an associated Draw Date.
  3. Independent Draw: Draws will be run by a third party independent to LOTCHA Limited and by a verifiable random computer process to select the winning entry
  4. Proposed Winners: Will be announced as soon as reasonably possible after the draw and once compliance has been confirmed with the Prize Draw Rules and User Terms & Conditions
  5. Postal and Online Entries: For postal entries, please submit toLOTCHA –
    Stainless Steel
    Daytona Draw
    95 Mortimer Street,
    W1W 7ST

All online Entry Periods will end at 23:59:59 (GMT) on the last date of the respective Entry Period, and all postal Entry Periods will end at 18:00:00 PM (GMT) on the last date of the respective Entry Period.

All entries must be received before the applicable Entry Period end time/date to be valid all matters relating to timekeeping will be at the sole and only discretion of the Agent

  1. Charitable Donations: For each purchase on LOTCHA.com, 80% of the net proceeds of sale will be donated to our selected charities and LOTCHA will be paid 20%
  2. Entry limits: There are no limits to the number of entries and the more entries submitted by a Participant will improve the Participants odds of winning
  3. Timetable Prize Draw: Prize Description: Online / Postal Entries: Draw Date Proposed:
  4. Winner Announcement: within 2 days of confirmation of the participants compliance with the competitive Prize Draw rules
  5. Cash Reserve Prize:

11.1:  In the unlikely event at the time of the competitive prize draw date the total proceeds of entry do not meet the total costs of running the Prize Draw (i.e. the prize and promotion of the competitive prize draws total costs) Then the revenue proceeds will be allocated as follows:

Distribution Formula:
LOTCHA operating costs to be deducted 
80% of net revenue will be donated to LOTCHA charities
Balance of funds to the winner 

11.2:  Cash Reserve Prize Formula: 80% of the net proceeds of sale will be donated to charity. LOTCHA will be paid 20%. The remaining cash balance will be paid to the winner.