LOTCHA offers an alternative way of entering LOTCHA’s prize draws described as follows.

Please note that a maximum of one entry per sealed first-class stamped envelope is acceptable to any prize draw

Just like the paid method of entering the prize draw, this alternative method requires you to accept all our terms and conditions, including the Prize Draw Event and Prize Draw Rules for any and all entries. The full terms and conditions can be read here

An entry must follow the following format 

Write your full legal name and full address (and please note that any post office box addresses will forfeit / cancel the entry) The address should include property number and or name, road, city, post code followed by a telephone number (optional), e-mail address and which prize draw you wish to enter.

Writing must be very clear otherwise the entry may be disqualified 

LOTCHA has appointed Civica Election Services to receive and collect all postal entries Please send your entry details in a sealed first-class stamped envelope to:


Please detail here the specific draw you wish to be entered for Care Of

Civica Election Services
33 Clarendon Road
N8 0NW 

A maximum of one entry can be made per envelope received. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be made this way. Once a postal entry has been processed it will be entered  into the final relevant Prize draw. 

The entry will apply and be equivalent to 1 paid entry i.e. postal entries are treated in exactly the same way as paid entries for the purposes of determining a winner so a paid entry or postal entry has the same chance of winning 

All LOTCHA draws close at 23:59:59 pm (GMT) on the online entry close date specified in the Prize Draw Rules. The cut-off for postal entries will be that they are received and processed 5 full working days pre the LOTCHA online entry close date

Failure to comply with the postal format as detailed will invalidate the postal entry and you will not be notified that your entry has been disqualified.